How to Get More YouTube Views

If you have a blog then you need to be making sure that you have a YouTube channel attached to it and that you are using it to boost your blog and visa versa. YouTube has made it super simple and very accessible for anyone in the World with an internet connection to become a star. All you need to create your very own YouTube channel and videos are a recording device such as a cellphone or a point and shoot camera, an internet connection and the creativity to make something that people will love.

The only slight challenge with making YouTube videos is that once you’ve made them and uploaded them to your channel, how do you get people to see them? To help you gain more exposure on your YouTube channel follow these handy tips.

Review Your Content

The first thing that you should be doing is a little bit of due diligence on your channel. If you are going to be taking steps to bring more people to your YouTube channel, then you first need to check that you are offering them great content. A good video needs to be engaging, the watcher needs to have a reason to keep watching and keep coming back. Think about whether or not you would gladly watch the video which you have created, if the answer is yes, then you are halfway there.

Go Social

Social media is the key to your YouTube success and the way in which you can take your video to the masses. When it comes to social media you need to be using all forms of ways and means to promote yourself, your blog and of course, your YouTube videos. On the subject of social media, I’m not talking about just getting on your friend’s timeline and hoping they share it. You can target groups of people on Facebook and Twitter to get more engagement and you can buy cheap Instagram likes to really raise your profile.

Be Human

Whether you directly feature in the video or not it is important that those watching can put a face to the name or at least feel as though there is a human being at the other end of their comments. If you want people to keep coming back and viewing more of your videos then you need to be responsive and vocal when it comes to comment and shares on social media.

Partner Up

The internet is a big and beautiful community and one great way that you can boost the amount of views that you get is to partner up with someone else on YouTube. This will be a mutually beneficial partnership and one which, if done well, can bring you both in a great many views. Make sure you approach people within the same niche as you when looking for a partner, this will ensure that your audiences both like the same things. 

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